Mercury Facts

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Mercury is an interesting substance, so you have to know more about it! Aside from the speculations made on the daily elements that contain it and its dangerous toxicity, facts of all kinds can be discovered about mercury. Here are some you may not have known:

1. Mercury evaporates slowly and unnoticed into the air, if it is left in opened containers.

2. Heavy items of all kinds can float on the surface of mercury.

3. Mercury cannot be combined with anything… aside from oxygen.

4. Mercury can be found in fish and shellfish species, which become toxic as a result.


5. A volatile and explosive substance, called mercuric fulminate, can result from the combination of mercury with alcohol or nitric acid.

6. Mercury can be held in the hand, although it is liquid… but it can seep through your skin, if you do that unprotected.

7. Having reflexive properties, mercury is used in the production of mirrors.

8. Mercury can also be found in barometers, thermometers, batteries, fluorescent lamps and chemical pesticides.

These are some of the main facts that can be considered on the topic of mercury, aside from its general information. Curiosities about mercury continue to spread, as this is the kind of substance that has fascinated for many years, due to the fact that it is toxic, but also useful.