Liquid Mercury for Sale

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Finding liquid mercury for sale is not as difficult as it may seem. Since liquid mercury is often used in several industries for its special properties, it is in high demand for its uses. Uses will include a variety of industries such as gold amalgamation, heavy machinery lubrication, temperature measurement. There are several sellers of liquid mercury online which have competitive pricing for the unique metal. The following uses are very common for liquid mercury in several industries:

Gold Amalgamation – Gold as well as many other metals are dissolved by liquid mercury. The process is used to leach out these metals from their ores and then the liquid mercury is left to either evaporate away or chemically removed to leave the pure metals. This was the primary method of removing gold in the past which was reduced once the hazardous effects of mercury were discovered.

Heavy Machinery Lubrication – Large machinery requires very efficient lubrication to reduce wear. Liquid mercury is a very heavy and dense lubricant which only becomes more slippery once it heats up. Use of mercury is common in industrial machinery within ball bearings and other lubricated surfaces.

Temperature Measurement – Monitoring temperature is possible through the use of mercury because of its nearly uniform expansion rate. This makes use of mercury in thermometers ideal because it can be calibrated to expand to the correct amount of temperature easily. This has been replaced with other alternatives in recent times due to dangers in homes.

Chemistry Applications – There are other uses for liquid mercury which can be through chemistry. When heated to its boiling point, mercury vaporizes and creates mercuric oxide which is used in several applications. This also includes the common battery, light bulbs, and other important inventions of the past two centuries.