See Experiments With Mercury

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Mercury is a unique liquid metal also known as quicksilver or hydrargyrum. Its symbol is Hg and its atomic number is 80. The freezing point of mercury is at -38.83 degrees Celsius and its boiling point is at 356.73 degrees Celsius. Mercury is usually found in the form of a cinnabar, which is highly toxic if it is ingested. The transition metal cannot be found freely, so if you are curious to see experiments involving liquid mercury, this site is your best source. You cannot have this metal at home because it can be used only under supervision, but you can see a few experiments with mercury where his properties are demonstrated.

Curiously, but lead floating in mercury:

See what happens when liquid mercury is mixed with nitric acid:

The mercury thiocyanate decomposition reaction, which is known as the pharaoh serpent reaction:

Even if these experiments are very spectacular and interesting, don’t even think on trying to imitate them at online pokies home. If you are curious to see something like these live, you will have to find a laboratory where such experiments are done for visitors.