Main Uses Of Mercury

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Mercury is a silver-colored metal which actually is liquid at room temperature. There are numerous useful properties of mercury, but one of the most important ones is that in certain cases mercury can remain liquid at any temperature, being able to conduct electricity. Still, people who handle mercury should be extremely careful, as this substance can be extremely dangerous, causing damage to the nervous system if inhaled.

Below you can find a list of the main uses of this metal. They are all extremely important, as in the lack of mercury maybe these devices wouldn’t be so simply accessible to all of us.

1. Thermometers

Thermometers are glass tubes filled with mercury. Mercury is absolutely a must in these devices for them to be able to register temperature. To determine body temperature, the thermometer has to be placed under the tongue. Mercury is well known to react to the changes in temperature by expanding or contracting.


2. Barometers

Barometers are known to be able to measure the pressure of the atmosphere. Barometers can be used to predict changes of the weather, being quite similar to thermometers when it comes the way they function. So, barometers are tubes filled with mercury, which in this case react to air pressure. Due to the changes in air pressure, mercury rises or falls.


3. Dental amalgams

Dental amalgams are commonly used by dentists to fill cavities. However, the use of mercury for dental related purposes is currently regulated by the FDA.


4. Lamps

Fluorescent lamps, mercury vapor lamps and sodium lamps use mercury, as well. They can be used anywhere around the house. These lamps are considered to be extremely efficient, this is why they are really popular nowadays.


As you can imagine, these are just few of the main uses of mercury. For instance, mercury may also be used in the manufacturing process of various equipments. Other mercury uses include usage as a catalyst, in ritual practices, in most ammunition, as well as in electric switchers and at medical schools.

Find Out Where Is Mercury In Your Home

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Mercury is a liquid metal naturally found in soils and rocks, but exposure to it for too long, affects your nervous system, kidneys, causing anxiety, depression, tremors, poor coordination and memory problems. Methylmercury is formed when bacteria in water affect mercury, converting it.


Unfortunately, mercury can be found also in your home, which is very dangerous, mainly if you have kids. The places in your home to look for mercury are the following:

As mercury is solid below -38ºC (above -38ºC it melts into a liquid) and boils into a gas when the temperature rises above 356ºC, it means that in your home it would be found in a liquid state.

The next thing you have to do is to inspect products in your home that have or are likely to have mercury inside. The most common objects that contain mercury are the following:

  • thermostats that control heating
  • air conditioning equipment
  • a few float switches like those used to turn off and on automatically

  • Source

    Additionally, you have to know that even some batteries, outdoor and indoor paint might contain this toxic metal, even inks, grandfather clocks, aircraft calibration tools and even old medical equipment.

    Methylmercury found in fish is one of the most toxic of mercury and can harm your body very much. If you disocver that in your home are objects containing mercury, replace them with some that don’t. Your decision to replace them depends on the age of your objects and their condition.
    with incandescent or LED types. Dental fillings must also be removed and replaced with a free-mercury material.


    Moreover, avoid breakage of the above mentioned objects because mercury that escapes is difficult to retrieve. If this happens, ventilate the area fast and as much as you can, turn off all sources of heat in the area, remove your jewelry, put some gloves and start retrieving the mercury droplets using an eye dropper or a stiff piece of paper.

    Keep in mind to NEVER use a vacuum cleaner or broom to clean up the mercury spill!!!

Handling Toxic Liquid Mercury Safely

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Liquid mercury is one of the dangerous substances that are used in a variety of instances. There are many rules and regulation on how to handle the substance in the proper way, although it would be preferred that the case did not occur at all. Even so, many industries base their actions on the operative processes involving the toxic substance. In many cases the actual handling is done with the help of machines, but there are some in which they are taken care of by people, who are exposed to very difficult situations in this case. Regardless of the working domain, considering the safest ways in which to perform duties should be under the consideration of the worker, as well as that of the owner.

All toxic substances should not be touched. From this first very important rule surface a variety of rules for the proper usage of the substances in the work field. Wearing gloves and other protective equipments are the bases of the whole process. These should be completed with the usage of various tools and devices for moving, mixing, transferring and so on. Touching the actual substance is not as harmful as ingesting it. Therefore, making sure that it is kept away from children, as well as from other workers is extremely important. Breathing in vapors of it can also be a major problem, especially if it has been kept in an open container for a long time, in a closed up room. Regardless of the way in which it enters the body, it can form maximum sedimentations, which accumulate in time and develop infections and illnesses. 

Handling toxic liquid mercury safely is very important for people working in the domain. Whether it is for science reasons or for coal mining, for example, the benefits that come with the usage of the liquid mercury make it valuable for the whole process. Therefore, even if it can do a lot of harm to the person working with it, its contribution to a certain process is mandatory and it cannot be replaced with something else. People working with it are trained prior to the start, in order to make sure that they know all the risks and what they can do in case something goes wrong. Knowing all the information will make for suitable work contributions and for the general atmosphere.